Rolling Stock in Weardale

This section will expand rapidly in the coming months as we acquire rolling stock for operations and for refurbishment by our own volunteers.

The photos are shown as thumbnails with captions.

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First of four 141 units being unloaded - Wolsingham 28/4/2001

Unloading of 141s complete. Time for a rest!

141 sets undergoing refurbishment in readiness for service.

Refurbished 141 units at Frosterley 1 week before opening day.

141 interior partly refurbished.

The Wickham trolley and trailer - our first vehicle on the line.

Ballast wagons on arrival.

Ballast wagons after refurbishment.

"Shark" ballast plough for renovation.

The fish van after refurbishment.

Brake van before renovation commenced.

Awaiting new end frames - Oct 2004.

Met on loan from Darlington Railway Centre & Museum. Norwood begging for donations - Open Day 2003. Norwood in sunshine - Open Day 2003.

Ex NCB 0-6-0 Sentinels.

Ex-Tarmac 0-4-0 Sentinel outside the "Gunbarrel Shed".

The Tarmac Sentinel in use after refurbishment.

Mk1 corridor coach for refurbishment.

"Sturgeon" awaits refurbishment.

Mk 1 coaches "Nina" & "Anna" as delivered from P&DSR.

Interior view of "Nina".

Mk 1 corridor coach from Dart Valley.

The photos below show the visiting stock for 2004.

Mk1 split 1st/3rd corridor from Llangollen for the 2004 season. Mk1 suburban compartment coach from Llangollen awaits unloading for the 2004 reason. The brake/compartment coach completes the Llangollen rake.
Austerity No.49 arrives from Tanfield. No. 49 eases onto the unloading ramp. Sentinel used to coax 49 the final step onto our metals.
No. 49 under steam. No.49 on the Llangollen rake. In Stanhope Station on the Opening Day.
NELPG's P3 (or J27) 62392 arrives...... ...and eases down the ramp..... ....followed by her tender.
Both sections reunited on Weardale rails ready for work. In Stanhope Station on the Opening Day. Aproaching Wolsingham, first day of operations, 17 July 2004.
No. 22 arriving at Stanhope in glorious sunshine. No. 22 running round at Stanhope. No. 22 ready to depart Stanhope.
Mardy Monster unloading at the depot, 3/9/2004. Safely installed in the running shed. Mardy Monster squares up to the Wickham trolley.
Crossing Broadwood bridge en route to Wolsingham. Approaching Broadwood crossing. At Frosterley - note the P3 at the tail working its last weekend for this year.
Type 20 diesel. Motive power for the Christmas/New Year period, 2004. Ready for test run, 3-12-04. Ready to leave Stanhope after test, 3-12-04.


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