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Wolsingham Railway Centre (The Depot)

The site as used by the Loco Group 1996.

Levelling the depot site, March 2004.

Levelling the depot site, March 2004.

New trackwork laid into the site, May 2004. Site preparations for pits and base of new running shed, May 2004. Running shed - inspection pits and pad ready for the big pour.
Stage1 - open up a "flat-pack" bay. Stage 2 - secure bracing ties and swing into place. The special concrete used for the running shed foundations cures in days rather than weeks. The 4 photos of the running shed assembly (left) show the prefabricated sections being put into place less than a week after the above photos.
Stage 3 - fix to foundations and previous bay. Work completed after approx. 12 hours.
2 days later - looking from the back. 2 days later - front end in place. 12/7/2004 - just the electricians to finish now. Note the pit facility on road 1.

Stanhope Station

Stanhope Station, 1950.

Stanhope Station, June 2003.

Stanhope Station, June 2003.

Stanhope Station, Sept. 2003.

Down platform waiting room renovation, April 2004.

Track bed preparation for new run-round loop at Stanhope Statiion, March 03.

Trackbed preparation, Stanhope Station, April 2004.

Ballasting the runround loop, Stanhope Station, April 2004.

Stanhope Station, April 2004.

Stanhope Station, looking west, April 2004. General view 3 weeks before the planned opening! Looking west from the footbridge 3 weeks before the planned opening.
Down platform and waiting room 3 weeks before the planned opening. Newly cast canopy supports being pre-painted. One of the canopy brackets in detail.
(The two pictures above courtesy of Davidson Tyne Metal.)
The first train arriving, 17th July 2004. Opening day - 17th July 2004.
Frosterley Station
Frosterley Station, 1950. Frosterley Station, 1951. Frosterley Station 1992, before track clearance.
Frosterley Station, Nov 03. Frosterley Station, April 2004. July 2004, one week before opening.
A week before opening and still quite a bit to do. Frosterley Station, first run, 17th July 2004. Working hard up to Frosterley Station.
Wolsingham Station
Wolsingham Station, 1958. Wolsingham Station, 1993. - Railtours Special passing through. Track & platform clearance - Wolsingham station, Sept 2003.
Wolsingham Station clearance, Nov 03. Wolsingham Station, June 2004. July 2004, one week before opening.
18th July 2004 - first weekend of operations.
Other Infrastructure
Lifting redundant track, Coxhoe Quarry Track clearance "chipping" team hard at work. "Leaves on the Line", Rogerley, autumn 2003.
Stanners Close river crossing after clearance, Nov 03. Looking west from Wolsingham, June 2004. Balfour Beatty's hi-tech track tamper needed a quiet length of line for crew training. Guess who obliged?
Not exactly part of our infrastructure, but just down the line at Shildon the National Rail Museum's new centre "Locomotion" is ready to open.


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