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The commonest problems may be solved by the hints above. 

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In MS Internet Explorer you can change the text size:
from the View menu, Text size:


Other browser programs contain a similar feature. Use the Help menu and search for "text size".






No navigation buttons on the left?

     If you reached our site from an external link, you can ensure the correct formatting by clicking here

     Otherwise your internet security settings may be set so high that they block some of the code.


In MS Internet Explorer you can change the security settings:
From the Tools menu, Internet options:

In Security click 
"Reset all zones to default level"

Note: If you do not wish to change your settings (or are on a network where the administrator will not change them) you will find text navigation links at the bottom of each main page.







Portable document format (pdf) files are now used extensively. If your computer does not yet have Adobe Reader installed you can download it free here.




If you have a slower internet connection or a media player that is not happy to "click and play", it may be better to "right click" (mouse) on the track name to show a menu, then "save target as...." to save the video file to your hard drive before playing it.




Sitemap to follow.


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